11 Facebook Updates You Need To Know for 2019


The one constant in social media marketing is that things are always changing, and this is especially true on the world’s largest social network, Facebook.

Even more interesting these days is that when Facebook makes a change, there’s a trickle-down effect to Instagram, which is especially true in regards to advertising.

The fine folks at Facebook have released some great updates we should look forward to in the coming months – updates we should keep in mind when planning our 2019 strategies. To help keep you up to date, here are eleven new Facebook updates that you need to know about for 2019.


Facebook Ad Solutions and Features Updates

1. Shopping in Instagram Stories

Create more interactive and engaging shopping experiences by adding product stickers to your Instagram Stories. Users viewing your story will be able to get product details and other information, and they’ll also have the ability to click through to your mobile site to make a purchase.

2. Augmented Reality Ads

With Augmented Reality Ads, brands will be able to build deeper connection with users by helping them interact with, and visualize, different products and experiences within the Facebook platform.

3. Facebook Stories Ads

Facebook Stories Ads will also enable brands to create new experiences for via the platform’s Stories option. Facebook Stories hasn’t taken off the way Instagram Stories has, but this type of full-screen creative is very popular right now, and Facebook Stories ads will provide more options to reach people across both platforms.

4. Playable Ads

Facebook also recently added Playable Ads for game apps, which enable users to “try before they buy” – which should lead to higher intent installs from users who’ve had the opportunity to experience the app before installing it.

Facebook Updates for Pages

5. Facebook Page Recommendations

You may have already seen this, but Facebook Page Reviews have been updated to Recommendations The update aims to provide Page visitors with a better understanding of what they can expect, based on previous customers’ experiences, which adds an extra level of transparency to the feedback.

6. Redesigned Pages on Mobile

Another update you’re likely already aware of is that Facebook business Pages have been redesigned on mobile, making them easier to navigate, which should drive more action, according to Facebook.

Facebook Measurement Updates

7. Video Metrics Updates

Facebook also recently updated its video ad metrics in order to help advertisers get a better handle on true video engagement, and optimize video creative based on those behaviors.

8. Self-Serve Brand Lift in Test and Learn

Facebook has also implemented new self-serve options to test and understand how your Facebook Ad campaigns impact the perception of your brand. This is a tool we can’t wait to get more familiar with.

Updates to Creative Tools

9. Video Creation Kit

No video? No problem – Facebook recently launched a new Video Creation Kit which enables you to turn your existing photo assets into mobile-optimized videos. These easy-to-use templates include text options also.

Facebook Campaign Management Updates

10. Value-Based Lookalike Audiences

Lookalike Audiences are great, but how much better would they be if you could identify and target people similar to your customers based on online and offline behaviors?

Now you can – consider this to be Lookalike Audiences 2.0.

Source: www.socialmediatoday.com



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