Google Adwords Mistakes to Avoid

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is an online advertising service that enables advertisers to compete to display brief advertising copy to users based in part on keywords. Advertisers page when users divert their browsing to seek more information about the displayed copy and partner web sites receive a portion of the income they generate.

Search is huge growing business, with +3.5 billion searches every day, that’s 3.5 billion times that your add appear to users. 85% of retailers say that search is the most effective customer acquisition channel and based on imFORZA statistics 93% of all online experiences start with a search engine.
Businesses make an average of $ 2 in revenue for every $ 1 they spend on Google Adwords, 70% of agencies plan to spend more money in search in 2016. The average click through rate for an ad in the first position is 7.9% as per Wordstream.

The main concern for Marketers is what are the critical mistakes that should be avoided with Google Adwords? The following few Google Adwords Mistakes to avoid:

Wrong Keywords & Keyword Category
The biggest mistake marketers often make is using the wrong keyword match, Google lets you run your ads in any kind of keyword matches.  Some marketers think that the keywords that have high search volume are the best ones to use and focus on.

When starting a campaign, marketers should start off with targeted keywords. Its very important if budget is limited as broad keywords can eat up the budget very fast and provide low conversation rate.

Google Adwords Advertiser should be familiar with the three categories of keywords:

– Broad Match: your ads will show when users search for your given keywords. So if you run ads for best adidas shoes your ads will show “best adidas shoes, adidas shoes best, adidas shoes to buy, adidas shoes for best sport and etc”.More information on Using broad match

– Phrase Match: your ads will appear when people search for your keywords in the exact order. For example, if your keyword is best adidas shoes, so your ad will only show if people type in “best adidas shoes”. Your ads can appear for other related keywords for sure, but the individual words have to be in that order. So your ad will appear when users searching for “buy best adidas shoes”. More information on Using phrase match

– Exact Match: your ads will only display when the exact keyword that you are targeting is typed into the search box by users. For example, if your keyword is best adidas shoes, then your ads will not appear when people search for “best adidas shoes” or “buy best adidas shoes”.  To add exact keyword match, simple enclose the keyword in squared brackets “[best adidas shoes]. More information on About keyword matching options

Negative Keywords
Google processes +6million keywords every day and 15% of them are new and new means that Google hasn’t registered yet. This means that some of these keywords will be high quality and some will be detrimental to bid and target. Using negative keywords option you can exclude keywords that aren’t a good match for your business and can lower your cost and increase revenue.

Many advertisers ignore negative keywords and wonder why the conversion rate is low. Negative Keywords Option helps in increasing your Google Adwords quality score.
More information on Add negative keywords to your campaign and Exclude keywords across campaigns with lists

Don’t use too many negative keywords or their results become difficult to track, also don’t just copy and past your negative keywords across your campaign, try to customize them.

Poor Ads Copy & Ad Extensions
Not having or optimizing ad extensions is another mistake advertisers are making. Google has made it easier for advertisers to write better ads and adjust the settings to yield the best ROI. With ad extensions, advertisers can use site links, call and location extensions to enhance the ads. Its all on Ad Extension tab in dashboard. This means that you can add extra pieces of information or links to your ads and its like the rich snippet that you add to your organic listings.

By using ad extensions you are giving customers more reasons to click on your ads and it can be very effective at increasing clicks. You have to use the opportunities and tools available. If you are doing search engine optimization (SEO), rich snippets would increase your search click through rate (CTR). The best and closest option related to rich snippets for PPC ads is ad extension.

Understanding Profit Margins and Conversions
When running a business you have to keep track of your conversions and profit margins to improve your revenue. The same applies to your PPC ads, you need to setup a conversion for leads or inquiries from the “Tools & Analysis” menu option> Add new conversion. Understanding how much you are expected to make and what conversion rate will get you there save you lots of money and time. The following formula is to calculate profit margin for your Google Ads Campaign.

Account Management
Less than 1% of accounts get worked on once a week, small business owners are not doing much and some times experts struggle to find the time to do the work if they are managing multiple accounts.

Landing Page
The biggest mistake adwords beginners make is driving paid targeted/bulk traffic to landing page or web site. Websites are great for explaining what you business is about but not as effective as your landing page when it comes to conversions. Each campaign needs to have an objective before setting up and need to have a dedicated landing page.

Matching you ad keywords with y our landing page headline and keywords is one of the best strategies to use. Paid search will not improve the performance of your landing page.


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