Tips for Creating Effective Landing Page

Landing page design

The biggest mistake marketers make is driving paid targeted/bulk traffic to landing page or web site. Websites are great for explaining what your business is about but not as effective as your landing page when it comes to conversions. Each campaign needs to have an objective before setting up and need to have a dedicated landing page.
Matching you ad keywords with your landing page headline and keywords is one of the best strategies to use. Paid search will not improve the performance of your landing page.

Clean layout
The look and feel of your landing page will have a huge impact on the effectiveness of your landing page and how well it drives conversions. The main goal of your landing page should be to make it as easy as possible for a user to convert. So its important that all elements of your landing page work towards the conversion objective whether to fill a form, sign up for newsletter, purchase or download.

An effective landing page layout makes smart use of color and eye-catching images. Certain button colors will increase the conversions on landing page such as red and green but make sure there is strong contrast between your button color and background.

Make sure you  maintain a clean page with obvious, natural navigation. A good landing page provides all necessary information needed to encourage users to convert. The information displayed should be simple and easy to scan and use bullet points to explain details. Usually users know that they can scroll down the page for more information so don’t be afraid to add more information but keep the key information in the top of the page.

Trust Signals
Effective landing pages make abundant use of trust signals, which indicate to visitors that their offer and brand are trustworthy. Testimonials are a classic form of trust signals. Another form of trust signals which is powerful and effective is Trust Badges. Trust Badges often refer to the logos of known brands you’ve worked with in the past, endorsements you’ve received, groups and coalitions you are member of and etc.

Its essential these days that your landing page can easily be navigated on smart devices such as mobile, tablets and ipads. Around 40% of all web activities comes from smart devices. Having a responsive-landing page can double your conversions but it should be easy to navigate, fast to load and well designed.

Short Forms
Its very important to know that the more fields you ask the user to fill the less chance you have of them to complete it. You can always ask for more information on the thank you page but on the landing page ask for name, phone and email only. Its OK to make the name and email address a mandatory fields but not the phone number because as per previous studies most users don’t like to share phone numbers and birthdays and forcing the user to enter phone number can cause your drop off rate to 50% of the conversion and most of them will enter fake ones.

Match Content with Ad
Make sure to match the content of the landing page with the keywords and text of the Ad. Repeating the same language and key points reassures user that they are on the right path and not been directed to external page. Match user’s needs as closely as possible for higher conversion rates.

Finally testing landing page is very important to make sure the look and feel on different screen resolution and on mobiles is perfectly done and ready to be used. Also testing the form and thank you page is important.


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