14 Benefits of Video Marketing for e-Businesses

Video marketing

Videos are engaging and they are more memorable as well.

They have the potential to establish a better emotional connection with target audiences that ultimately skyrocket conversions.

We will talk about all those benefits, but to give you the exact idea of the importance of video marketing.

video Marketing Statistics

Every week around 78% of individuals watch videos while around 55% view videos on daily basis. (HubSpot)

Videos will make up over 80% of all online buyer traffic by the end of 2020. (Cisco)

After Google, YouTube enjoys the most number of online traffic. (Alexa)

A video of 1 minute comprises around 1.8 million words. (Forrester Research)

Around 59% of administrators say they would preferably watch a video than reading any text content. (WordStream)

1. Modern customers spend most of their time on Videos

As I stated about that around 78 percent of individuals watch videos once per week and 55 percent, watch videos each day. In addition, YouTube gets more than 4 billion views/day. After seeing such prevalence of videos, we can conclude right away that in today’s time, every one of your target audience is watching videos. That is why; you should make video promotions, Ads, web series, funny viral videos, educational videos, etc. based on the preference of your existing and potential customer.

2. Videos are best in ensuring Brand Recalls

As per HubSpot data, around 80% of clients recollect a video they’ve viewed in the most recent month.This is one of the best benefits of video marketing, as interesting visual contents are easier to recall than text-based substance. At the point when clients recollect your video advertising content, they additionally recall your business along with kinds of products and services you offer. This means more deals and leads for you. Additionally, if you make really good videos then your follower would share them and hence they would widen the online reach of your brand.

3. Video is the most Favored Online Marketing Tools of your Competitors

Around 81 percent of senior marketing professionals across different businesses and industries utilize online video content in their advertising programs claims MarketingProfs. Your competitors are already using videos to target your audiences. This actually creates cold war sorts of situations where you need to come up with video marketing campaigns that can put forward your brand on all those channels where your targets are watching videos of your competitors. Make good quality videos with some USPs because quality lets you sustain in the market and USPs help you get noticed.

4. Benefits of Video Marketing also include SEO of your Company Site

Do you know around 80% of users visit the advertiser’s site subsequent to watching a video related to that brand? Yes, it is true and in itself, it is evident enough to understand the benefits of video marketing. In addition to this, obviously quality and interesting video content can significantly enhance your site’s SEO by driving individuals to your landing pages. Also, video can upgrade conversions of your site. By adding video to the home page or landing pages of your site, it’s anything but difficult to enhance SEO of your site and boost its CTR.

5. Videos are more Searchable & Compatible than Text Content

In the top 100 listing on Google, videos generally come in around 80 percent of the main 100 search results. Purchasers are searching for your items via online search. Youtube is the second-biggest web search engine- That means video content gets positioned high in SERPs. Video contents are also fit for all gadgets, going from PCs to cell phones. This grows the scope of videos and makes it easier to be customer-centric. As per Adelie Studios, 51% of all video plays are most viewed on Mobile Devices.

6. Videos are shared Effortlessly, Habitually & Predominantly

Some overwhelming stats are there to talk about such benefits of video marketing. 500+ times of YouTube-videos are daily watched on Facebook. 700+ YouTube videos are shared on Twitter each moment. Video sharing is a gigantic piece of online networking, plus, Social Media is quite impactful in using videos as their prime form of content as well. Video Marketing lets you put your item or administration message out there in the most interesting and shareable way possible.

7. Video makes everything fair in the Competitive Market

In the next five years, the creation and channelization of Video Content will represent more than 50% of all online marketing & advertising spending. Video marketing offers the equal opportunity for all kinds of businesses, brands, and industries. Benefits of video marketing are equal for new startups or established brands. The main thing in video marketing is simply being more inventive keeping in mind the end goal to connect and convert your target customers.

8. Video Content Educates, Entertains, Engages & Converts

In a study, MarketingCharts.com found that 60+ percent of buyers spend no less than two minutes viewing a video that teaches them about an item they intend to buy. Video contents are more impactful in moving viewers to giggle or cry or learn something than all other forms of content.Video is also extraordinary storytellers that keep viewers stuck to your site. According to HubSpot, 55+percentage of individuals give careful consideration to video content than every single other kind of online content.

9. Video lets you get Real-Time Feedback

People love to give remarks on videos that let you learn more about your shoppers. Remarks and reactions on videos enable you to improve your videos as per the preferences of your targets. Video is also quantifiable and you can easily measure its performance. You can easily find out which kind of videos are helping your business to get more leads and generate more conversions in real time by using some analytics tools.

10. Videos are more Sustainable and they live forever promoting your Brand Online

Videos remain on the web, in Google search results, for many years, and continue promoting your brand without any extra expense.This can be highly fruitful if you have made a good quality video that can sustain for lifelong. TV advertisements are brought down once the lease isn’t paid but video content remains there on the web. It continues to work for your brand for many years in the most cost-effective way possible.

11. Videos are closest to the ‘Buy Button’

More than 34 percent of customers will probably buy subsequent to viewing an online video advertisement, while TV ads have a 16 percent chance of doing this. And the reason is- TV ads do not have the ‘Buy Now’ buttons, while online videos are one click away from the ‘Buy Now’ button, creating a better chance of conversions.

12. Video is tied in with Selling

Prospects who saw the video were 174 percent more prone to buy than who did not- Retail Touchpoints. That is why, those businesses that waste viewers’ time with boring and unproductive videos should learn to create videos that are shareable, informative and entertaining. This one is going to be one of the most productive benefits of video marketing, but if done rightly. Make it obvious to your video creator to make videos that can sell more products and services. Your videos should not simply be engaging in entertainment only.

Video marketing ought to integrate with Call to Actions and Buy Now buttons.

13. Video Marketing increases the Mobile Traffic

Video content currently represents half of all the mobile activities of your audiences. They also drive around 69 percent of traffic movement on specific mobile networks systems. As per Rhythm Insights, mobile video Ads of 30-second have around 90% completion rate. 85+ percent of advertisers have announced that they will expand their mobile marketing spending plans sooner rather than later and video marketing would play the most significant role in their mobile marketing.

14. Video content has the potential to go Viral
Around 92% of individuals who see a mobile video share that with other individuals. This creates an amazing chance of turning your video content into a web sensation. This is one of the most notable and profitable benefits of video marketing that can immediately popularize your brand all around the world.

Source: Digitalvidya.com


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