16 Statistics to Show Why Instagram Marketing is Crucial

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At the time of writing only 28% of marketers use Instagram for marketing – if you’re one of the 72% here are some statistics to get you thinking.

Instagram has quickly grown into a massive social network with both a mobile and web presence. It shows no signs of slowing down, yet only 28% of marketers use Instagram for marketing. If you aren’t using Instagram as a marketing platform, here are some statistics to get you thinking.

  • Instagram currently has 200 million monthly active users.
  • 60 million photos are uploaded to Instagram every day.
  • 1.6 billion likes happen per day on Instagram.
  • 50 Million users have signed up to Instagram in the last 6 months.
  • 57% of Instagram users access the site every day.
  • Engagement rates on Instagram are 15 times higher than Facebook and 20 higher than Twitter.
  • The most popular hashtag on Instagram is #love.
  • Today, 86% of top brands have Instagram accounts, that’s up from 71% from last year.
  • 73% of brands post at least one photo or video per week on Instagram.
  • Brands on Instagram with over 100K followers have grown by 163% in two years.
  • 54% of brands promote their Instagram accounts through custom tabs on Facebook.
  • Engagement with brand posts on Instagram are growing at a greater rate than brands are adopting the network.

The power of visual content is becoming increasingly important for marketers. Studies show that the visual appeal matters in 93% of cases when people go to make a purchase. Visual content is not only easier and faster for the human brain to process, it is a great way to generate more attention and leads. Photos can make or break your marketing strategy and should be considered highly important.

  • Visual data is processed 60K times faster by the brain than text.
  • 40% of people will respond better to visual information than plain text.
  • 65% of your audience are visual learners.
  • On Facebook, photos perform best for likes, comments, and shares as compared to text, video, and links.

Source: Oursocialtimes



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